Body Transformation Challenge

Body Transformation Challenge Season 55 commencing from 31 Aug 2018 to 12 October 2018. Be the next champion & your journey to better health has just begun.

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Total Body Blast

Combining 50% strength & 50% cardio circuit training to give you a perfect body sculpture in 88 days. Its fun, simple and suitable for all fitness level.

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Yoga includes breath control, simple meditation, discipline and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practice for health and relaxation.

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Personal Trainer

Strength Training is one of the main component to lose weight, burn fats and get into your best shape. Contact us for a full 60 minutes trial session.

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Baby Boomers @ Fitness

Specially design fitness workout for the Baby Boomers (Born from 1946-1964) or beginner level. In the modern era, life has just getting started at 64.

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Evo Cardio

Evo Cardio combine 80% cardio 20% strength workout routine, this is the perfect class to improve your fitness level and your body metabolism.

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Stretch Fit

An effective workout routine similar to Yoga. Feel your body stretch with our experience coach and you will be rejuvenated after every stretch fit session.

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Buddy Training

Don't like to train alone? You can find a buddy and train together. She will be your best friend to encourage each other to achieve your fitness and health goals.

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Beach Mania Workout

Combining 80% strength & 20% cardio workout routine. Wearing bikini walking down a beach and owning a 6 pack abs is now within your reach!

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Fatburn Extreme

Fatburn Extreme is a new concept in instructor led fitness training. The first of its kind, it is a fixed 20 minute, maximal intensity workout with no dictated rest periods.

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Taekwon-do & Self Defense

Co-Partner with Grandmaster BS Huan Taekwon-do International launching taekwon-do & self defense program. Become a martial art expert in 24 months.

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Corporate Fitness Class

Corporate fitness class is the most happening trend now. A fitter and healthier corporate team will definitely increase the productivity of your company.

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