Lesson 16: Activating our Cells for Better Absorption

Once we understand the body needed 2 broad types of nutrients, the next challenge is how we know the body is absorbing them properly. Macronutrient are generally bigger in molecule size can be absorbed easily by the body. On the contrary, micronutrient which has much smaller molecule will take the body much more effort to absorb them properly into our body cells.  To help us absorb these micronutrient better, we introduce Cell Activator which is specially designed to help support micronutrient absorption and cellular energy production. With better absorption of micronutrient (vitamins and minerals), we may have improved quality of healthy active life. 

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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第16堂: 启动我们的细胞更好吸收营养

现在我们已经知道营养素基本分为两大类, 下一步就要探讨如何有效吸收这些营养素。宏观营养素因为分子大,所以容易被人体吸收。相反的,微量营养素因为分子小,人体的细胞需要更多的资源来吧他们有效吸收进入细胞体内。细胞活化素就能帮助体内的细胞产生细胞能量同时更有效的吸收微量营养素。当人体得到均衡的营养摄取,人体的健康与生活的品质就会得到很大的改善。


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